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An Introduction To Pharmacology | Top

An Introduction To Pharmacology

Posted by: | on December 15, 2013

An Introduction To Pharmacology

The word “Pharmacology” is Greek in origin derived from two Greek words i-e “Pharmakon” meanings “poison” in classic Greek & “drug” in modern Greek & “Logia” meanings “study of” or “knowledge of”. So it can be defined as;
“The knowledge of drugs or chemicals.”
“The knowledge concerned with the action of chemicals on biologic system.”
“The branch of medicine & biology that is concerned with drug action or it’s interaction with living organisms that affect normal or abnormal biochemical functions.”
One point should be cleared that if the drug or chemical has medicinal properties, the study would be considered as “Pharmaceutics” & acting substances as “Pharmaceuticals”.
The branch concerned with clinical practice is “Medical Pharmacology” which is defined as;
“The area of pharmacology concerned with use of chemicals or drugs in the prevention, diagnosis & treatment of diseases especially in humans.”
IUPAC definition
“Science of drugs including their origin, composition, pharmacokinetics,
pharmacodynamics, therapeutic use, and toxicology.”
Branches In Pharmacology
The main branches in Pharmacology include;
1. Medical Pharmacology / Clinical Pharmacology
2. Pharmacogenomics
3. Pharmaceutics
4. Toxicology
5. Pharmacodynamics
6. Pharmacokinetics
7. Therapeutics
8. Chemotherapy
9. Neuropharmacology
10. Psychopharmacology
11. Pharmacogenetics
12. Pharmacoepidemiology
13. Theoretical Pharmacology
14. Behavioral Pharmacology
15. Posology
16. Environmental Pharmacology
17. Pharmacognosy
18. Comparative Pharmacology
19. Animal Pharmacology
Drugs & Chemicals
Any substance which has effect when administered into the body & isn’t the food is called Chemical.
Any substance which has medicinal, intoxicating or other effects used in therapy when administered into the body & isn’t the food is drug.

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