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Learn about over 100 drugs in a simplified manner. The drugs have been grouped according to their actions on different systems of the body.For browsing most commonly used drugs, along with their chemistry, source, mechanism of action, uses, adverse effects, drug interactions and contraindications, visit Drugs A-Z.

General Pharmacology

An Introduction to Pharmacology

Routes of Drug Administration

Factors Affecting Rate Of Absorption

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Autonomic Drugs

An Introduction To Autonomic Nervous System


β-Adrenoceptors Blockers

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Cardiovascular Drugs

Therapeutic Strategy Of Heart Failure

Anti-hypertensive Agents

Diuretics In Heart Failure

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Drugs Acting On Smooth Muscles

Drugs Used In Asthma & COPD

Nitric Oxide, Doners & Inhibitors

Vasoactive Peptides

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Drugs acting on CNS

Sedative Hypnotics

General Anesthetics

Antiepileptic Drugs

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Drugs Acting On Blood


Drugs Used In Hyperlipidemias

Drug Treatment of Anemia

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An Introduction To Chemotherapeutics


Antiviral Drugs

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Drugs Acting On Endocrine System

Oral Anti Diabetic Drugs

Adrenal Hormones

Thyroid Hormones and Drugs

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Drugs Acting on Gastrointestinal Tract

Drugs Used in Diarrhea

Anti Emetics

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Drugs Acting On Respiratory System

Drugs Used In Asthma

Drugs Treatment Of COPD

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