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Community Medicine



  • An Introduction To Epidemiology
  • Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • Infections – The Basic Concept Of Infection

Communicable Diseases

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Non-Communicable Diseases


  • An Introduction To Demography
  • The Population Pyramid
  • Terms Used in Connection with Fertility

Health and Disease

  • Health – The Basic Concept
  • Disease – The Basic Concept
  • Concept Of Disease Control
  • Health Indicators
  • Primary Health Care
  • Public Health – The Basic Concept

Environment And Health

Maternal And Child Health

  • Introduction to Maternal & Child Health
  • Reproductive Health and Safe Motherhood
  • Maternal Mortality -Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention
  • Childhood Mortality Rates
  • Infant Mortality -Predisposing Factors, Causes and Prevention
  • Maternal & Child Health Care
  • Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
  • Breast Feeding -Overview and Advantages
  • Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases


  • Disaster –The Basic Concept
  • Effects of Disaster & Public Health Challenges
  • Disaster Management


  • An Introduction To Entomology
  • Mosquitoes -Characteristics, Life Cycle & Control Measures
  • Sandfly -Characteristics, Life Cycle & Control Measures
  • House Fly -Characteristics, Life Cycle & Control Measures
  • Flea -Characteristics, Life Cycle & Control Measures
  • Louse -Characteristics, Life Cycle & Control Measures
  • Bed Bugs -Characteristics, Life Cycle & Control Measures
  • Ticks -Characteristics, Life Cycle & Control Measures
  • Mites -Characteristics, Life Cycle & Control Measures

Occupational Hazards

  • Occupational Health Hazards –An Introduction
  • Pneumoconiosis -Types, Silicosis, Asbestosis and Preventive Measures

Information – Education – Communication (IEC)

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