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All About Noise (Basic Facts You Need Know)

Posted by: | on May 25, 2014

All About Noise (Basic Facts You Need Know)

All About Noise (Basic Facts You Need Know)

Noise is defined as wrong sound in wrong place and at wrong times. Noise is created when an object vibrates.


Sources of Noise

  1. Automobiles
  2. Factories
  3. Industries
  4. Radio and television
  5. Air crafts

Properties of Noise

Noise has following two important properties.

a)     Loudness

b)    Frequency

a)  Loudness

b)  Frequency

Acceptable Noise Levels

1.    Residential

2.    Industrial

3.    Commercial

4.    Educational

5.    Hospital

Effects of Noise

  1. Auditory effects
  2. Non-auditory effects

1. Auditory Effects

a)     Auditory fatigue

b)    Deafness

a) Auditory Fatigue

Auditory fat appears in the 90 dB region and is greatest at 4000 Hz. It may be associated with tinnitus and buzzing.

b) Deafness

Most lethal pathological effect of noise is deafness and hearing loss. It may be temporary as well as it may be permanent. Temporary deafness occurs with the frequency range 4000-6000 Hz region, while permanent deafness occurs after repeated exposure to the high frequency noise around 100 dB. Exposure to the noise above 160 dB may cause rupture of tympanic membrane.

2. Non-auditory Effects

Noise Control

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